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Pentough Plus

Pentough Plus is a specialized division of manufactures and sales for flowmeters specialized open channel (as Legal Metrological Instruments*) to simplified water level meters and monitoring cameras, and providing a subscription service.
Pentough Plus is a specialized division of manufactures and sales for flowmeters specialized open channel (as Legal Metrological Instruments*) to simplified water level meters and monitoring cameras, and providing a subscription service.
Not only manufactures and sales, we can also undertake construction works and annual inspections.
Also, we have developed IoT service which you can see measurement information by your smart phone and PC easily, using our products and our WEB remote monitoring system using cloud.
With our over 30-year experience of field survey business of Pentough Corporation, we propose our products and services matching with your requirements and field conditions.

*Pentough Corporation is a company of manufactures and sales for legal metrological instruments approved by METI in Japan.

Products Lineup

Legal Metrological Instruments “JIS FIT”

Tough Flow “JIS FIT” series is flowmeters for open channel improved as transaction flowmeters accommodating Japanese Industrial Standard.
Flume Type Flowmeter --- JIS FIT (Fixed type), JIS FIT-P (Portable type)
These are weir type and flume type flowmeters with flowrate calculated by detective water level.
Weir type --- Triangular, contracted rectangular, and suppressed rectangular
Flume type --- Palmer Bowlus and Parshall
Area Velocity Type Flowmeter --- JIS FIT-MS (Fixed Type), JIS FIT-MS-P (Portable Type)
These are flowmeters with flowrate multiplied by the cross-section area and average velocity.
The cross-section area calculated from detected water level and shapes of its channel set up in advance, and the average velocity calculated from detected velocity.

Easy Installation Type
Water Level Chip Logger

Tough Level C

This is an absolute pressure type of water level chip logger.
Measuring water pressure and air pressure in a sewage pipe and channel separately, the water level will be calculated from the difference of these pressures.
Two loggers will be required. One for air pressure and the other one for water pressure.

Tough Level G

This is a gauge pressure type of water level chip logger.
You can operate its configuration, measurement start/stop, data check, and data download through a vented cable with pc communication. It will help if you want to collect the data far from the logger for underground water level measurement and if you do not need to remove the logger itself from a mounted place.
Water level measurement will be completed with only one logger.

Tough Level U

This is an ultrasonic type of water level chip logger.
Mounting this logger on top of pipes and channels, water level can be measured without a dead zone of ultrasonic by a 45 degrees reflection plate. (Measurable span: 0 to 0.5m, Accuracy: +/- 1mm)
It will help a low water level measurement in a small diameter pipe at mid-night.

Manhole Station

It is easy to install it and you can start a remote monitoring for a pipe and channel facility at the same day of the installation.
Linking measurement points on a GIS map or a piping floor plan, monitoring screen can be displayed measured values and trend by “Day,” “Week,” and “Month.” Also, an alert can be announced by email.
  • No need to construction works and electrical works, and it is easy to install and remove.
  • Over 1-year continuous operation by internal battery.
  • Since supporting SIM, you can start WEB monitoring by your smartphone and PC soon.
  • It supports various field information such as a water level, flowrate, flow quality, gas, deterioration and/or images.

Risk Management Type of Water Level Meter with Japan MLIT specifications

This is a water level and rainfall monitoring system based on 10 min measurement and communication interval, and it is a fixed type unit with a solar and battery operation. Besides water level, it can be logging and transmitting various analog data.
It supports the Innovative River Technology Project (2nd Edition) Risk Management Type of Water Level Meter with Japan MLIT specifications (supporting cold regions). We have experience to introduce this not only in Japan, but in global scale such as Indonesia, Thailand, Viet num, Myanmar, etc.

Simplified River Monitoring Camera

This is a WEB monitoring system with a timelapse shooting. And it supports Japan MLIT specifications, “Simplified River Monitoring Camera.” Not only river, but it has been used for growth management for farm products and flood management for irrigation canals and ponds. We have many experiences to introduced them to domestics and overseas.

Pond Management System

There were many ponds suffered from disaster such as heavy rains and big earthquakes, and they got serious damages. Therefore, local public organizations and etc have conducted detailed surveys and judged if improvement measures are required or not. Based on “ponds of important disaster prevention” especially downstream basins would get a huge impact, the Pond Management System for remote water level monitoring solution will help the disaster prevention and/or disaster reduction measures for the ponds.
  • We can check the conditions at multiple measurement points by “Water Level Meter” + “Rainfall Meter” + “Camera.”
  • You can check whenever from your PC and smartphone. (Remote Monitoring)
  • It will be announced by an alert email when emergency.
  • It will be automatically shifted to short interval camera shooting if over the alert level.



This is a WEB type of remote monitoring system born from demands that our measurement engineers wanted to see water levels and flow rates in a manhole by their smartphones and PC easily. By your smartphone and PC, you can easily check the measured values and image photos for various use from short-term survey to permanent monitoring without a fence between portable and fixed flowmeters.

AAA Cloud

This is a subscription service using our TOUGH NET
We can provide the service with monthly payment including all like construction works, device mounting works, device use, cloud use and maintenance.
This service would help customers who want to collect only data without owning a device, who want to save an initial cost for a capital investment, who want to purchase a device after using the device, who want to use a device only for a certain period including repeat use, etc.
We can offer the subscription service for product use only as well.
Please feel free to contact us.

Company Info

Company Name
Pentough Corporation
April 1st, 1991
Capital Fund
10,000,000 JPY

Pentough Plus Division
Sales and Rental for Open Channel Flowmeter, Water Level Meter, Rainfall Meter, Monitoring Camera

Osaka/Tokyo Survey Division
Survey for Sewage Water Level / Flowrate, Function Diagnosis, Deterioration Diagnosis, Pack Rental & Data Service
CEO : Kiyoshi Gotoh
COO : Yoshihiko Hirata
Pentough Plus Division Manager : Daisuke Kanematsu
Osaka Survey Division Manager : Kunihiro Takakuwa
Tokyo Survey Division Manager : Shintaro Komatsu
Manufacturing Business Operator of Legal Metrological Instrument, Survey Measurement Business, Registered Manufacturer of Japan Sewage Works Agency
Oversea Support
Korea, UK, Canada, USA

Osaka Head Office
Pentough Plus Division / Osaka Survey Division

1-7-10, Ooyodonaka, OosakashiKitaku, OSAKA, 531-0076, JAPAN
TEL: +81-6-6940-6191, FAX: +81-6-6458-1221 (Pentough Plus)
TEL: +81-6-6458-1231, FAX: +81-6-6458-1221 (Head Office / Osaka Survey)

Tokyo Branch Office (Tokyo Survey Division)
485-5, Nippacho, Yokohamashikohokuku, KANAGAWA, 223-0057, JAPAN
TEL: +81-45-642-8580, FAX: +81-45-642-8581

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